5Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka BD


Owgels 5Liter OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR Only at 39000tk:

With 390VA power consumption, this device is designed to conveniently provide a continuous flow of oxygen both at the hospital and at home. It fulfills a patient’s needs to maintain status of life and independence.


Its Pumps high-level oxygen within the bloodstream of patients and have developed inflammation in the airways and are mostly prescribed for Pneumonia, Asthma, RDS, and BPD.


It oxygen from ambient air and removes contaminants to produce concentrated oxygen. After turning ON for 30 minutes, it can deliver up to 5 LMP (93%±3%) concentrated oxygen to alleviate breathing issues.


There are no complex electronic switches to operate the unit efficiently. It is provided with a Transom Filter, Intake Filter, Humidifier, Oxygen Tube, Power Cord, Power Switch, Safety Valve, and all other required parts to ensure the delivery of filtered oxygen safely.


Digital LCD shows flow rate, oxygen concentration, and time. Through its intelligent electronic user interface, the oxygen concentration levels moreover delivery settings can be modified easily through your convenience.

Price: 45000 Taka

With Full free home delivery in Dhaka Bangladesh

Accessories You Will get with It:

  • Cannula: 1 Piece
  • Humidifier Bottle: 1 Piece
  • Filter: 1 Piece
  • Atomizing Cup: 1 Piece
  • Atomizing Tubing: 1 Piece
  • Atomizing Mouthpiece: 1 Piece

Product details of OWGELS Oxygen Concentrator Heavy Duty 5L Model: OZ-5-01TWO

    • Power : 308W
    • Average sound pressure level:42dB(A)
    • Oxygen pressure:30-60kpa
    • Oxygen flow:5L/ min±10%
    • Oxygen concentration :≥90%
    • 220V/60hz(Ideal for Philippine Electrical Output)
    • 1 Year Local Warranty
    • Imported originals: German oil-free compressor, French CECA molecular sieve to ensure high quality.
    • Efficient oxygen production: flow rate of 5L/min and high concentration of 90-96% to meet medical demand.
    • Stable oxygen supply: continue to produce oxygen 24/7
    • Intelligent alarm: AB-level intelligent alarm system to make it safer.
    • Atomization function: fine atomization and effective treatment.
    • Patent protection: 8 EU-certified patented technologies, authoritative and reliable.
    • Dimensions : 11.8 in. W x 11.22 in. D x 23.6 in. H (30 cm W x 28.5 cm D x 60 cm H)
    • Weight : 40.4 lbs (18.2kg)
    • Environment Limit Conditions: Operating Conditions: 5°C to 55°C
    • Storage : -20°C to 60°C
    • Relative Humidity: up to 80% RH

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Additional information

Oxygen flow

93% (+3%, -3%)

Environmental Limit Conditions

Operating Conditions: 5℃to 55℃
Storage: -20℃ to 60℃
Relative Humidity: up to 80% RH

Electrical Requirements

on the back panel label


13.4 in. WX11. 8 in. DX25.6in. H(34cmWX30cmDX65cmH)