10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator


10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High quality motor, Anti aging test. 10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator price in Dhaka Bangladesh


High quality, Pass SGS Certification. 5 years lifetime.


Product Description

1. German technology 

2. Own patent 

3. French molecular sieve 

4. Oxygen concentration 93%±3% 

5. The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time 

6. Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely

7. Oxygen generation

8. Nebulisation

9. Dual Inhalation

10. Filter dirty alarm

11. Power failure alarm compressor

12. Overheating stop alarm

13. Low flow rate alarm

Model: OZ-10-02
Brand of Origin: Germany