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Niscomed Resplus ST30 Bipap Machine

৳ 45,000.00
Niscomed Resplus ST30 Bipap Machine The Niscomed Bipap Machine is a State of the art not Invasive ventilation device designed
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VentMed Auto BiPAP Machine Price in Bangladesh

৳ 47,000.00

Accessories with the Device- 

1. Air Filter. 2. User Manual. 3. Full Face Mask. 4. Air Tubing. 5. T-Junction. 6. Power Supply and 7. Air Bag. The User Manual you can find on our product page. Please go through it for the full information of the product

Product Specification

Pressure Range (cm H2O): operating pressure range (IPAP) 4 TO 30 CM H2O, OPERATING PRESSURE RANGE 4 TO 20 CM H20 Operating Mode: AUTOMATIC. Ramp Rate: 0 to 60 minutes. Warranty: 1 YEAR. Weight: 8 KGS. Data Storage Capacity: sd card. Brand: ventmed
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