Best Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

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Best Oxygen Cylinder for Home Use Latest Price
Islam Oxygen Cylinder – (IOL-1.4) 2000 ltr pressure 3ft ৳ 8,000
Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder – (MOS-1.4) 2000 ltr pressure 3ft ৳ 22,500
Spectra Oxygen Limited ৳ 20,000
Essence Medical Oxygen Cylinder ৳ 14,000

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China Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

৳ 8,500.00
China Oxygen Cylinder Details: Height : 3 feet Weight: 13 KG. Color: Black and White. Size: Medium and standard. Presser : 2000+ liter. Up to 15-liter min. Priority: 99+Cylinder Capacity: 1.36 Cubic Meters. Backup time: per minute of 2-liter use, you will get 12 hours. 1. Oxygen Cylinder 2. Flow Metter 3. Nasal Canola. 4. Oxygen Mask. 5. Moving Trolley. Need oxygen cylinder rent and refill  any more information call Peace Oxygen. Our Dedicated team ready to support and delivery 24/7 in Dhaka city.
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Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

৳ 18,500.00

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Details

Brand: Linde Origin: Philippines Wheat: 16KG Capacity: 2000PSI Purity: 99.5% Height: 3 Fit (36 Inch)
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Oxygen cylinder refill price in Bangladesh

৳ 800.00
Cylinder Capacity: 2,000 liters, Oxygen Cylinder Hight: 3 feet. One cylinder can be used for 12 hours continuously at 2 liters/minute. What is with the cylinder ✔2000-1800 PSI Oxygen ✔ Flow Meter ✔Oxygen Mask ✔Nasal Cannula ✔Trolley ✔24/7 Refill Service ✔Free Delivery Support. Oxygen cylinder refill price in BD 200 to 800 taka BDT (it depends on cylinder size and delivery location). But if the location is far away, delivery charges will be added. oxygen cylinder refill near me free home delivery. Documents Required:
  1. Doctor’s Prescription
  2. Copy of National ID/Passport/Driving License/Agreement Papers
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Oxygen cylinder rent in Dhaka

৳ 2,500.00
Medical Oxygen rent Service include: Medical Oxygen Oxygen rent Services include: Oxygen Cylinder Oxygen Trolly Flow Meter Oxygen Musk Nasal Cannula Cylinder Capacity: 2,000 liters One cylinder can be used for 12 hours continuously at 2 liters/minute.
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Rama Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

৳ 10,500.00
  1. Brand: Rama.
  2. Cylinder Material : Mild Steel.
  3. Gas Capacity: 7CBM.
  4. Working Pressure : 150 KGF.
  5. Water Capacity : D-Type.
  6. Finishing Type : Color Coated.
  7. Gas Type : Oxygen.
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